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Boat decks
Vendeck foams are especially designed to be used on boats, both in sea and inland conditions, they are manufactured from resistant closed cell polyethylene. They improve comfort and safety, they also provide better protection to your boat. The product is supplied pre-glued, which ensures an easy and quick installation.

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Light Weight

5 times lighter than teak wood and 10 times lighter than synthetic teak.

Anti-slip surface

Excellent anti-skid attributes even on wet surfaces.

Stain resistant

Thanks to the closed cellular structure increased resistance to dirt.

Easy to maintain

Unlike wood products, they do not require any expensive cleaning and care products or any maintenance either.

UV protected

Under the influence of the sun does not lose its original color for a long time.

Comfort of using

Thanks to impact absorption, it eases fatigue and improves your comfort.

VENDECK PE foam EVA foam Synthetic teak Teak wood
Weight Only 140 kg/m3 About 190 kg/m3 About 1400 kg/m3 About 750 kg/m3
Surface heating Low Low High Medium
Installation Easy and quick Easy and quick Difficult Complicated

You want your boat to have its own style?

We may router practically any pattern and logo you like on the deck panels, thus giving your boat its own character.

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You have no space to store your fenders?

We offer a simple solution. Replace your traditional round fenders with flat rectangular ones which occupy much less space. Additionally, we may also mark them with the boat name or registration number.

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