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Boat fenders designed for maximum protection of your boat. Made from closed-cell EVA foam with hard wearing, non-marking outer they offer excellent shock absorption. Renowned for their consistently fine cell structure, they will not puncture, they are highly resistant to water or oil absorption. Thanks to their regular shape, VENDECK FLAT FENDERS may be used as dock fenders if the boat has a permanent place in the marina it is an excellent way to secure the platform. Text may be routered into a fender thanks to which it is assigned to a particular boat. They occupy less space than traditional, pumped fenders.

Produkt Size Colour Dimension
VENDECK FLAT FENDERS S White 495x190x54 mm
VENDECK FLAT FENDERS S Grey/White 495x190x54 mm
VENDECK FLAT FENDERS M White 650x245x75 mm
VENDECK FLAT FENDERS M Grey/White 650x245x75 mm
VENDECK FLAT FENDERS L White 965x315x75 mm
VENDECK FLAT FENDERS L Grey/White 965x315x75 mm



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