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Anti-slip, closed-cell foam deck treads offer a hard wearing, easy to maintain alternative to molded in anti-slip or paint-on textures for traction in wet areas. VENDECK foams are UV protected and non-absorbent.They are stain-resistant and easy to clean, providing excellent protection for the surface of the boat, especially in places with the most traffic. In addition, they perfectly cushion what increases the comfort of boat users, scooters or other surfaces where anti-slip surface is required. They are taped with 3M self- adhesive.

Pattern Colour Self-adhesive Thickness Dimension
OCTI Steel Grey Yes 3 mm 2050×1030 mm
Z Yellow Yes 3 mm 2050×1030 mm
Z Light Grey Yes 3 mm 2050×1030 mm

 Pattern: OCTI 
 Colour: Steel Grey 
 Self-adhesive: Yes

 Colour: Yellow
 Self-adhesive: Yes

 Colour: Jasno szary 
 Self-adhesive: Yes



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