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AQUA VENDO has been operating in the marine industry since 2011. We are the exclusive sales agent for Central and Eastern Europe of ultralight deck foams manufactured by ULTRALON, a New Zealand company.

The products we offer are stored in our warehouse in Poland (near Warsaw), therefore we are able to deliver the products very quickly.
We have a CNC machine on which foams are routered (in Poland); this eliminates the need for a long and expensive international transport.
Our highly-qualified staff will provide digitalization of a template and logo; we will render the service in our or the Client’s facilities. For more information, go to SERVICES tab.

All our foams are covered with glue of the leading M3 brand, which ensures very easy installation of panels (for more information go to FAQ tab), and the price we quote is the final one, you don’t need to add any glue costs.

VENDECK products are light polyethylene foams; they are heat-resistant, which is a great advantage as compared to synthetic teak.

Deck panels offered by us are safe for small children and animals, they do not cause any allergy.

Foams have sound-reducing properties, thus they may be used in chain lockers, deck lockers and in any other place where various equipment and devices are stored.

Our offer also includes other products, among others yacht paints, teak oils, glues and release agents – for more information go to aquavendo.com and multifarby.pl.

With VENDECK foams we will change the look of your yacht or boat quickly and cheaply.

ULTRALON jest wiodącym producentem pianek PE i EVA na świecie. Firma została założona w latach 70 w Nowej Zelandii. Posiada zakłady produkcyjne w Nowej Zelandii, Australii i Azji. Produkowane pianki znajdują zastosowanie w sporcie (termoplastyczne pianki np. do butów narciarskich), w przemyśle (opakowania), przemyśle jachtowym (pianki na pokłady) oraz przemyśle ortopedycznym (wkładki do butów). Posiadając sieć sprzedaży na całym świecie. Roczne obroty grupy ULTRALON są na poziomie 200 mln USD.